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Safety Riding in Philippines

It's lot of fun riding motorbike or scooter in Philippines. Two wheels are giving you freedom so you can go everywhere you want anytime and visit lots of different places and spots during your vacation time in Philippines.
Here are some safety tips to enjoy your ride and avoid any troubles on the road:
1. Driver must keep driver licence during  motorbike or scooter riding  in  case of check point. Photocopy of driver licence is not acceptable by traffic enforcers. Foreign driver licence is valid here for 90 days.
2. Make sure that you wear shoes and helmet during the ride to avoid penalty. 
3. Check all lights, horn and breaks - make sure that all function well and also tires - make sure its not flat before riding the bike. Quality of the roads are not really good  watch out for the holes on the road. 
4. Don't ride so fast. Average speed limit is 60km/hr here in Cebu city.
5. Follow traffic rules. Don't ride the bike after drinking alcohol.  
6. Never ride more than two passengers on the bike, its not allowed here. Passenger must wear helmet also.
7. Don't park motorbike in restricted area, if you don't want bike be impounded. Don't leave motorcycle in remote areas, always lock the front wheel before leaving the bike.  
8. Don't leave helmets even on parking space because its might be stolen. 
9. Be attentive during the ride to avoid accident. Keep distance.
10. Don't wear face mask and polarized helmet, Its new rule and its not allowed but in Mandaue city area only!
Be safe and enjoy your ride in Philippines.

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