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About Us

We are motorbike rental company in Cebu and our business is legal. We are registered in Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Cebu City Hall. 

Cebu Rental Motorbikes Services is fast growing company in Cebu, one of the most reliable motorbikes rental. We specialize in renting different kinds of scooter motorbikes or even motorcycles that suit your taste. 

All our motorbikes are well maintained because we are taking care of our motorbikes, as well as our reputation is very important for us. We are trying to give customers high quality service to come back again renting our motorcycles. 

Our motorbikes for rent are only well known brands like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki.

Each motorbike is equip with two helmets and two raincoats.

Cebu Renatal Motorbike Services

Renting policies

1. Renter mush have driver licence. For visitors from other countries you are allowed to use your driver licence here in Philippines within 3 month.

2. During the ride renter must wear helmet and shoes to avoid penalty. 

3. Please re-check the motorbikes condition before renting.

4. Always check tires, light and breaks before riding.

5. Obey the rules on the road. Don't ride so fast. Speed limit in the city 60 kph.

6. Renter is responsible for own damages  and will be charged according to its cost.

7. Always lock the bike after diving.

8.Renter will be liable for the thief of the motorbike and will be charged to replace the motorbike.

9.All motorbikes have third partly insurance only.

10.For any reason the motorbike is returned earlier,we can not issue a refund.Make your plan sure.

                                   Enjoy your ride around Cebu and God Speed!

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