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7 Waterfalls which worth to visit in Cebu

If you search in google there are web pages which posting so many different waterfalls in Cebu Island. Based on my own experience not all of those waterfalls are worth to visit, some waterfalls are really small, some waterfalls are really hard to reach. So I just wasted my time being on my vacations first time in Philippines.

So we choose 7 waterfalls which will be easy for you to reach and where you can really enjoy and relax.

1. Mantayupan Waterfalls, Barili

About 60km away from Cebu city. Mantayupan Waterfalls on Google Maps.

2. Kawasan Falls, Badian

About 115km away from Cebu city. Kawasan Falls on Google Maps.

3. Dao Falls, Samboan

About 142km from Cebu city. Dao falls on Google Maps.

4. Inambakan falls, Ginatilan

About 140 km from Cebu city. Inambakan falls on the Google Maps.

5. Aguinid Waterfalls, Samboan

About 145km from Cebu city. Aguinid Waterfalls on the Google Maps.

6. Tumalog falls, Oslob

About 130km away from Cebu city. Tumalog falls on Google Maps.

7. Cambais falls, Alegria

About 120km away from Cebu city. Cambais falls on Google Maps.

We hope you found this information useful.

Thank you.

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